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The patient’s opinion is the most important reference. For Dr. Elaina Gill, patient care is paramount, this is reflected in the personalized and gentle treatment each one receives. Get to know what patients have to say about the best female chiropractor in Boca Raton.

The absolute best!!! I can’t say enough about Dr. Elaina Gill!

Terri Brewer Castellano, Facebook
We just love Dr. Gill! She is amazing with adults as well as my children. She just adjusted my 4 day old and he is sleeping and eating better then ever. We are so grateful for the work she does to keep us all in line.
Tess Murray Stride, Facebook

Unreal experience, I absolutely never would have thought to enjoy seeing a Dr this much in my life. I recommend seeing a great chiropractor who is amazing at what she does.

Katie R, Google
I am a former football player, with seemingly never-ending back and shoulder issues. I have found my past few experiences with other chiropractors to be very frustrating. Most seem to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach that results in a nebulous diagnosis (seemingly always chronic) and aggressive back cracking for the possibility of up to 48 hour relief.

By contrast, Dr. Gill took a much more holistic approach to my back (scapular) issues — using alternative techniques that were much more specific to resolving my unique complications. I am only 2 sessions in with significantly more progress than I have had with others in the past 5 years.

If you’ve felt the same frustrations I have, and are looking for a REAL solution, I highly recommend giving Dr. Gill a shot!

Paul Stoltz, Google

Very good! Not only does Dr. Gill do a fantastic job, she explains everything she is doing and the process that we will go through. Additionally, she displays excellent knowledge, which makes it very easy to trust what she is doing!

Cameron Stuart, Google

I came to see Dr Gill for having some trouble with my hip, she has been working with me once a week for about a month now, and not only working my hip but my whole body.
I am amazed normally I’d just go through the day to day with aches & pains and not realizing how limited my range of motion had become. The little things like putting on a bra, sleeping with my arm under my pillow, having a hard time taking a deep breath, sleeping through the night. Without realizing it had been so long without being able to do those things.
So grateful that I am starting to get back my range of motion, sleeping better. We are still working on the hip and hopefully soon that will be released too.
Her technique has helped me immensely. It is so different from my previous experiences with chiropractic adjustments. The stretching, pressure points & massage to release the muscle, then adjusting has made such a difference.
Thank you Dr Elaina Gill

Suzanne Dunford, Facebook
It is hard to write my history of this injury because my pain is gone.
I came into Dr Gills office only out of desperation. 3 months prior I injured my self in lifting some thing much to heavy.
That lead to physical therapy, massage therapy, medication to the point that I had to get a MRI. I was diagnosed with L4, L5 herniated disk. The pain from my sciatica in my leg was so bad it put me in a depression. I really thought I would have to learn to live with this pain for the rest of my life. Nothing was working. I even had a epidural which only gave me 3 days of some what relief. When I meet her I had been on muscle relaxers and pain killers for the last 3 months. I new if I continued done that road it would have been bad.
My 1st session Dr Gill spent almost a hour on me. She killed me with loseing up my muscles, alignments and many other things. She explained what was going on with my body. After 2 sessions I was and have been since of all medication. 10 session later I write this good msg.
Thanks Dr Gill
Anthony Weinstein, Google
Dr. Gill has strong hands but a gentle touch! I would strongly recommend her.
Shayna Rayman, Google

Amazing! Dr. Gill’s muscle work is just the best. Never too much, but always enough. I’ve been treated for a back/neck injury from a car accident and Dr. Gill always knows exactly what I need. She’s given me helpful exercises to do at home and sets realistic expectations for treatment, which I appreciate. She works the whole body, from jaw down to legs and everything in between, depending on my symptoms. Highly recommend!

Courtney McMillian, Facebook

I had major back surgery: 2 pins, spacer w/cadaver bones an a coflex device, needless to say my muscles went from 90-95 muscle tone to basically ZERO. Dr Gill has been doing muscle decompressions and pelvic adjustments and with the 1st session I noticed a difference within hours. I have had about 6 sessions (2 per week) and the results are amazing!!!!! I drive 45 min to and from her ofc…she is that good and has helped me tremendously! I highly recommend her!

Jan Carberry, Facebook
Dr. Gill is the best! She is a great chiropractor. She always gives you her full attention and is able to target the source of pain and discomfort. Her expert adjustments are delivered with precision, compassion and caring. The results are excellent, and it’s a pleasure to feel so much better after a session with Dr. Gill. If you need relief from pain, go see her!
Andrea Lawrence, Google

Dr. Gill is always so friendly! She’s very knowledgeable and a master of her craft. I’ve come here after back injuries and soreness (being a tennis player, I often have these ailments) and I instantly feel better the day I go visit her. Definitely would recommend to anyone in need of chiropractic work.

Nicholas Pita, Google

Dr. Gill helped me prepare for delivery and reduced pregnancy discomforts. She is simply awesome and an expert about prenatal chiropractic care; I highly recommend her. She would go out of her way to make sure I was ready for to deliver my baby 🙂

Mayra A. Vasquez, Google

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