Herniated Disc

If you feel constant back pain may be you have an herniated disc and chiropractic care is one of the best options to relieve it.


What Is a Herniated Disc?

Spinal Decompression

Chiropractic care has an excellent nonsurgical treatment for the herniated disc, but, what is a herniated disc and how a chiropractor can help to relieve this disease? In our spine we find intervertebral discs between each vertebrae of the spine. This discs are the shock absorbers and shock distributors and provide of all flexibility to the spine.

This discs don’t really “slip” although the phrase “slipped disc” has come into popular usage to refer to bulging or herniated discs. The correct term is herniated disc.

The discs are made up of the annulus fibros and the nucleus pulposus (which contains a soft center). When cracks occur in the outer layer of the disc, the material inside of the disc can begin to push out and causes an hernia. A herniated disc could be caused by bad posture, obesity or a physical injury. The symptoms of this disease are variable and depends of the damaged vertebrae. The most common symptoms of this condition are the numbness, and weakness and pain in the legs or arms and back or shoulder pain.

A slipped disc treatment or bulging disc treatment must be a individual treatment plan that can include manual therapy, spinal manipulation or adjustment of the spine, corrective exercises  and other chiropractic techniques.


Do Not Let More Time Pass, You Need Spinal Treatment!

Sometimes the symptoms are bearable but this doesn’t means that the problem is not developing. A late visit to the chiropractor can produce more issueses. If your chiropractor finds that you have advanced loss of strength, sensation or reflexes then he or she will refer you to a spine surgeon.

Is important make an appointment with a chiropractor when we feel the first symptoms to avoid future spine problems. Dr. Elaina Gill is a professional chiropractor who can help you to treat your back and avoid any problem resulted from a herniated disc.

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