Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow

Forget about the elbow pain with chiropractic care.


The Difference Between Tennis and Golfers Elbow

Many conditions are caused by repetitive actions in our daily life such as tennis elbow and golfers elbow. Two conditions that look similar but are actually quite different. The chiropractor has an effective tennis elbow treatment to relieve all the discomforts of this condition. With a chiropractic adjustment and golfers elbow treatment you can recover the free movement of your wrist and fingers and relieve all the pain.

The first step towards tennis elbow and golfers elbow pain relief is to determine what is causing the elbow pain, the options being incorrect technique or overuse. Forming a diagnosis involves a thoughtful review the patient’s medical history, and a thorough physical examination.


Can Surgery Be Avoided With Chiropractic Care?

The tennis elbow treatment and the golfers elbow treatment provided by a chiropractor are both good alternatives for a non-surgical treatment. With a gentle but effective chiropractic treatment the pain can be reduced and the healing will be promoted. A golfers elbow chiropractic treatment is not too different to the tennis one, this focuses in the muscular release therapy to decrease the inflammation and contracted tissues and involves passive or active stretching along with direct pressure to break up adhesion within the muscles and tendons.

Dr. Elaina Gill can help you with a tennis or golfer elbow chiropractic treatment that includes stretching with a strengthening exercises routine along with chiropractic adjustments applied to your wrist and elbow to relieve the pain.

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