Chiropractic Phases

The path to pain relief.


What Are The Chiropractic Phases?

As all treatments do, the chiropractic treatment has different phases that will help the patient to have a more effective and faster recovery. It has mainly, 3 phases: the intensive initial care, the rehabilitative care, and the wellness care.

Before beginning with the therapy, Dr. Gill will fully examine you to find the root of your desease, which will allow her to identify how serious your condition is. All of this is done in order to build a better diagnosis and to determine the best treatment to follow according with your needs.

Every journey has to begin somewhere. The first step towards wanting to lead a healthy life is the active decision to seek out help. Chiropractic treatments are natural and drug-free, so not only do you get stronger but you also don’t have to worry about toxins going into your body.


Why Are Chiropractic Adjustments Important?

With each chiropractic adjustment the evolution of your body is posible. The daily activities can cause the correction of subluxations in a short period of time which will avoid health problems.

Maintaining a state of well-being depends on many factors like nutrition and exercise. Dr. Gill will guide you and give you recommendations on nutrition matter, and a regimen of corrective exercises made to fit your needs and capacities to not hurt your musculoskeletal system and get a fuller life.

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