Carpal Tunnel

The pain in your hands and wrists have a chiropractic alternative to relieve it.


What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common soft tissue repetitive injury, the leading cause of time lost at work and occurs when the median nerve, which runs down a person’s forearm to his or her hand, gets compressed in the eight bones in the wrist called the carpal tunnel. This injury is frequently caused over time by repetitive motion such as assembly line work, and is the most expensive work-related injury. Symptoms of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome include pain and numbness of the hand and wrist.

Today a carpal tunnel syndrome treatment with chiropractic techniques are very effective and can help to get an improvement in range of motion, finger sensation, and pain reduction. As a non surgical hand pain treatment, the chiropractic could minimize the need of a chirurgical intervention. A regular visit to a chiropractor can show positive results in the controlling and healing of many of the carpal tunnel symptoms and make the operating room the last option.


The Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The people who perform repetitive tasks in their daily activities need to be specially aware of the symptoms: feeling pain, numbness, tingling or burning in their fingers or palms may be the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. With an early diagnosis the chiropractic treatments will be more effective than other hand pain treatments.

A chiropractic hand pain treatment have the benefits of be a highly effective treatment that is not invasive as other options. The chiropractic have the guarantee of don’t get a colateral damage or other side effects.

If suspect that you have the carpal tunnel syndrome by one or many of the symptoms that we describe up don’t doubt and make an appointment with Dr. Gill to get a right on time diagnosis and a right treatment on time.

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